Great Mind Series


“Power is not alluring to pure minds.”

Thomas Jefferson

The Great Mind Series

A Collection of Lessons on freedom, liberty, and economics.

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The lessons in The Great Mind Series are designed to introduce the student to freedom and liberty and their relationship to economics. Each of the authors quoted have made immense contributions to the ideas of a free nation with a free economy. Quotations and excerpts have been taken from their writings and are used to introduce each lesson. Links to some of their publications can be found at the end of each lesson.

Each lesson can be easily shared and the sharing of knowledge is strongly encouraged. Click on a lesson to begin learning.

**Lessons are linked when published**

Lesson 1 – Freedom of Choice
Insight provided by Ludwig von Mises

Lesson 2 – Power and Control
Comments from Alexander Hamilton

Lesson 3 – Power of Education
Insight provided by Thomas Jefferson

Lesson 4 – Government Task Building
Comments from Friedrich Hayek


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