Americans are not a perfect people, but we are called to a perfect mission.”

 Andrew Jackson

  george washington

The Mission is Clear

“Educate the people on matters
of freedom, liberty, and economics.”

The Doctrine is Simple

“Economics starts with

The Principles are Universal

“Born of natural rights.”


The Mission of Freedom Economics is to educate the people on matters of freedom, liberty, and economics. It is our belief that,

“a strong and sound economy starts with freedom and liberty”

and an educated public is the first line of defense in maintaining our freedoms.

The 5 Principles of Freedom Economics are based on natural rights and form the foundation of our economic philosophy. These principles promote sound economic thinking and individual freedom and liberty as a means for achieving economic prosperity.


Most of our lessons start with a quote taken from the writings of some of the greatest minds in history.  The quote introduces the student to the general concepts being presented and serves as a helpful reminder of the lesson learned.

There are 4 main areas of study in Freedom Economics.

The Educate section contains lessons on the Principles of Freedom Economics and other Free Market concepts.  The Unite section includes lessons on uniting the forces of freedom and liberty.  The Declare section contains lessons on declaring the will of the American people. The Reform section includes lessons on reforming those who govern and those in the public trust.

 “The limits of freedom will determine the limits of prosperity.”