Principle 5 – The Right to Reform Government

Principle 5 establishes the authority that all men have over those who govern.

Freedom Economics Principle 5

“All men have the right to reform government if tyranny becomes present.”

The Right to Reform Government

The Declaration of Independence reminds us that,

“the people will always have true authority over those who govern.”

This authority gives us the right to reform government that has become oppressive or unjust. If those who govern embrace the nature of tyranny, all men have the right and the duty to separate themselves from their oppressors.

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The Freedom of Choice – A Free Market Concept

The Great Mind Series
Lesson 1 – Freedom of Choice

“The democracy in the market consists in the fact that people themselves make choices and that no dictator has the power to force them to submit to his value judgements”

Ludwig von Mises – “Human Action”


Freedom of choice in the marketplace means there is a voluntary exchange between buyer and seller. Coercion and force are absent from this process. The freedom of choice is not influenced by law or by criminal activity. When the freedom of choice is exercised by all market participants, their collective actions will determine what is produced, what is consumed, and the price at which the exchange will take place. This is the natural outcome when freedom of choice is present in the marketplace. Continue reading

Principle 4 – Security


Principle 4 was developed to safeguard our economy from the tyranny of excessive government.


 Freedom Economics Principle 4

“All Governments will be freed of their tasks, except to provide for some measure of security.”

The Need for Security

A brief review of history reminds us;

“It is the nature of man to take from those, whose wealth is left unprotected, and whose liberties have been ignored.”

So to protect the wealth of a nation, governments are formed and granted the task of providing security.  Their tasks are twofold. Guard the nation from outside aggression, and protect our markets from criminal activity. Successful completion of these tasks will ensure economic prosperity for our nation. Continue reading