“Do not give in to evil, but proceed ever more boldly against it.”

Ludwig von Mises


The Americans would not submit themselves to the tyranny imposed by the King. They believed in freedom and liberty and that all men have the right to live without abuse from those who govern. They waited patiently, but justice never came to their land. Tyranny had made its presence known. The Americans had no other choice. They stood up against the most powerful army of their time, rather than submit to the abuse of an evil tyrant.

Measures of reform become necessary, if the evils of tyranny are present.

The following lessons introduce the reader to the process of reforming those who govern and those in the public trust. Click on a title to view the lesson.

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The Process of Reform

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What Is Tyranny?

Tyranny – An Old Familiar Foe

Remove The Task; Remove The Power

The Tasks of Those Who Govern

The Tasks of Those in Public Trust

Task Re-Assignment


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