What is Tyranny?


“If tyranny and oppression come to this land it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.”

James Madison


Tyranny can be very elusive and it makes use of many disguises. That is its nature. This is why men throughout history have asked the question, what is tyranny?

When the English philosopher John Locke was asked, “What is Tyranny”, he described it as counterpoint to the ideas of human rights and democracy.

Thomas Jefferson used the term tyranny to describe the abusive acts of a King against the American people and as justification for creating a new government.

Various references have described tyranny as being in opposition to liberty. While many others claim it is an oppressive or unjustly severe government.

“Tyranny can seduce the most unsuspecting men and trick them into embrace.”

It can have many faces and go by many names. It can come disguised as democracy, or proudly display itself as socialism. No matter how it is described or defined it becomes clear that tyranny is the greatest threat to our freedom and liberty.

In whatever form we encounter tyranny, we must recognize its disguised intentions and fight it to its bitter end. Because when tyranny is present, our freedom is in jeopardy and the principles of Freedom Economics have been violated.

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